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Highlighting Women Behind the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Trisha Biggar

As we close out Women's History Month, I wanted to highlight another woman with an incredible impact on the Star Wars galaxy. It was really hard to pick who would be the focus of this final article for the month, but I finally ended on Trisha Biggar.

Trisha Biggar is a very accomplished costume designer, and loaned her talents to the Star Wars galaxy throughout the prequel trilogy. It's hard to overstate how iconic the costumes of the prequels are- from how they shaped our view of what Jedi robes look like to designing the many, many ornate outfits of characters like Padmé Amidala. She designed new Tusken Raiders, Jango Fett's costume, and much more. Even decades later, costumes from the prequels are widely cosplayed, drawn, and even Loungefly-ified. Star Wars continues to build off of designs from Trisha Biggar, whether it's taking her unused concepts for outfits into account when designing new characters, or just creating characters with looks inspired by her designs.

Trisha Biggar put careful thought into each of her designs- she found materials from all over the world and used them creatively, and took into account every facet of character's personality, past and present when designing. I really recommend reading this interview she did with It's long, but really captivating to read the various stories behind costumes and to get into the thought process required to make costumes that resonate so deeply with so many. We are very lucky to have someone as skilled and as passionate as Trisha behind the designs of so many of our favorite characters from the prequel trilogy, and that her designs that didn't make it into those movies could find new life in others (for example, like Satine Kryze's first outfit being based on a Padmé costume idea).

While this concludes our series of Women's History Month articles this year, it is always important to highlight women (Star Wars or not), and we will always continue to show our appreciation for the many women that bring our favorite galaxy to life.

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