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5 Reasons to Love Vi Moradi

Vi Moradi is an amazing but absolutely criminally underrated character. She's most famous for walking around Galaxy's Edge, but you can also find her appearing in the books Phasma and Black Spire. Vi is an incredible character that I love a lot, and I'm going to give you five reasons why you should love her too.

1) She's a super cool spy.

Vi is a spy for the Resistance, and in a super cool way. She's more like a classic movie spy than some spies in Star Wars are (Kaz). Secret weapons, disguises, undercover names, hand to hand combat and everything. Vi is awesome,

2) She's a great and compassionate leader.

Though she first feels out of her element in Black Spire establishing a new base and working with other people rather than being a spy on her own mission, Vi quickly adapts to the new situation. She becomes a great leader, recruiting a team and taking care of them, so much that they nickname her "Mother Hen." Vi cares about her team and is willing to constantly put herself on the line for them, which is very admirable of her.

3) She knits!

A fun fact about Vi a lot of people don't know (or forget about) is that she knits in her spare time! It's a way to relax and she makes fun little hats out of it. It's such a cool little character detail and I like the effort to include things like that in stories. It makes Vi just a little more lovable and relatable.

4) She's really funny.

One constant thing that really helped me love Vi is her wit and charm. Even in the face of danger and doom, she cracks jokes and keeps her wits about her. Sometimes to taunt her enemies, and sometimes to lighten the mood for her friend. Reading about Vi Moradi is a very entertaining experience, and it makes me just really appreciate the work put into building up her character.

5) The actresses who play her in the Disney parks are amazing!

When I went to Galaxy's Edge, I hadn't yet read Black Spire though I did know Vi from Phasma. The actress who played her that day was phenomenal. She spent a lot of time with Lizzy, Axel and I- taking us through the market, telling us about the outpost and introducing us to the other characters, asking us to help her hide from stormtroopers and sending us on little "missions" like trying to get information out of the First Order officer. It was such an amazing experience that really made my day at Galaxy's Edge so much more fun and memorable. I can't help but smile now whenever reading Vi Moradi stories and remembering that day, and those experiences are just as much a part of that character to me as the canon stories are. While that is just one of the (I'm sure many) actresses that play Vi, I have no doubt that the rest of them are just as amazing as she is, and I adore the dedication that they have.

If you don't already appreciate Vi Moradi, you really should. Hopefully we get to see a screen appearance from her some day in the future so she can get even more (much deserved) love!

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