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5 Star Wars Icebreaker Questions to Make a Friend

While most of the United States is gearing up for Superbowl watch parties (I'm just in it for the movie trailers, personally), it is also a lesser-known national holiday... National Make a Friend Day! Meeting new people can be intimidating, let alone making new friends, so here are five Star Wars-themed icebreaker questions to help you make a friend!

How were you first introduced to Star Wars?

A fun, easy intro question. Personally, I love hearing everyone's own Star Wars story. Even people that don't really call themselves Star Wars fans will usually have a nostalgic memory of seeing a movie in theaters or being shown them by friends and family. It's a great way to find common ground- maybe you both have the same first movie, or were both shown them by a parent.

Ewoks or jawas?

A fun, silly question that can spark either lighthearted debate or some mutual gushing over the cute side of Star Wars. Sometimes, it's the small silly questions that lead to the best of friends!

Which Star Wars character do you think is most like you?

This is a great question to ask someone, as generally people love talking about their favorite characters, and you can connect with them and learn about what they're like through a character you're familiar with.

If you lived in the galaxy far, far away, what would you want to be?

This is a fun question, because it's a fun idea to think about! And it's a great way to learn about someone- do they want to chill as a farmer on Felucia, live the thrilling bounty hunter life, or follow the philosophies of the Jedi. That said... if they want to work for Empire, that's a big red flag. Just saying.

If you could spend a day with one Star Wars character, who would it be?

Like I said earlier, people love talking about their favorite characters, and coming up with fun activities to potentially spend with them can always be a fun brainstorming session.

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