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Highlighting Black Characters in the Galaxy Far, Far Away - Bell Zettifar

As February continues, we continue on with our celebration of Black characters and creatives in Star Wars, this week we go back again to the High Republic for our next character- Bell Zettifar!

Bell Zettifar pretty quickly became a favorite character of mine when I first started getting into the High Republic. I thought he was charming, I loved the relationship he had with his master, Loden Greatstorm, I related to his journey as he learned about and connected with the Force, and I thought his relationship with Ember the charhound was just adorable. But Bell is much more than just a fun, likeable character- he emphasizes some of the most important traits a Jedi can have, and is an example for all of us to strive for.

Bell loses a lot on his journey. He loses his master twice- first when he's taken by the Nihil, and then again only moments after they reunite at the hands of the Nameless. Bell very much struggles with this, and does allow himself to feel those emotions- but doesn't let them get the best of him. He's a great example of the balance that a Jedi must strike.

Something else I think that we can all learn from Bell is how he's open about his feelings and regrets. One of my favorite friendships in the High Republic is the one between him and Burryaga. The pair help keep each other in check when they're feeling overwhelmed or need support, and Bell is able to open up to Burryaga.

Which brings me to another of Bell's admirable qualities- his tenacity. Bell never gives up, especially when other people need him. When Starlight Beacon is crashing, Bell works tirelessly to save as many people as he can, even though it drains him and puts him in danger. And when Burryaga is believed dead, Bell sets out to find him, refusing to give up on his friend.

We're entering Phase III of the High Republic, and I can't wait to see more of his story unfold.

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