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Why You Should NOT Watch Star Wars Rebels

There are a lot of Star Wars projects out there, and it can be hard to know what to watch. Here are a few reasons why you should NOT watch Star Wars Rebels.


Star Wars Rebels is centered on a main cast of 6 characters, the Ghost crew, and throughout the series we meet a range of different side characters, some familiar faces and some unique to Rebels. You shouldn't watch because the characters are TOO good! They are TOO well-written, their relationships are TOO well-developed, the arcs are just TOO compelling!


Rebels has a variety of different plots throughout the season, some mostly contained in one or a few episodes, while others stretch across a whole season or even the entire season. These plotlines are TOO well thought out. They come full circle and realize satisfying conclusions TOO often. It's just TOO good!


Rebels has played an absolutely central role in laying groundwork for a lot of Star Wars storytelling that has come after it, and even outside of that does a lot of important worldbuilding to flesh out the Star Wars galaxy in the Imperial era. It's TOO important and does TOO good of a job, you should NOT watch it to have a better appreciation for a lot of modern Star Wars.


The animation of Rebels is TOO beautiful! The colors are TOO vibrant, the characters are TOO expressive, the fight scenes TOO smooth, the scenery is TOO amazing! It's just TOO good of a show to look at!

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I forgot it was April Fool’s day and I was just like “EXCUSE ME‽‽‽”

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