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What We Love: 5 Things I Love About The Force Awakens

After a little bit of a hiatus on this series of articles, I'm really excited to talk about The Force Awakens this week! This movie is really special to me because it was the first time I got to see a new live-action Star Wars movie in a theater, and the hype up to it and getting to see it with my dad and sister are something I'll never forget, and it always gets me emotional when I watch it. There's a lot that I love about this movie, but here are five (in no particular order) that stand out to me!

1. BB-8

BB-8 feels like an obvious one, but I have to put it here. I fell in love with this droid the minute I saw him in trailers (pictures of me at the movie theater in a BB-8 shirt AND hat prove it), and I still love him to death. He adds such fun energy to the film and of course, is adorable.

2. Han & Chewie

Seeing Han and Chewie on screen together again made me a lot more emotional than I thought it would, and still does. I love their friendship, and the funny banter they have (which is impressive considering one half of the pair doesn't really speak). Both together and as individuals, they bring a lot of humor and emotion to this movie, and it's really great to see.

3. Rey and Finn's Dynamic

Rey and Finn's relationship is a core element of the sequels to me. Their connection is really strong, and I like the near-instant positivity they have with each other. The scene where they're flying the Falcon together is equally cool and hilarious, and their reunion hug is always very, very touching. I like having two protagonists with so much to learn about the galaxy, things that they learn together as they use their skills to compliment each other's abilities, and they work as a great team. Finn's farewell speech to her in Maz's castle and dedication to his first friend are also really great parts of his story, and speak volumes about how great of a character he is.

4. Finn and Poe's Dynamic

No matter which way you interpret the relationship between Finn and Poe, they definitely have really great chemistry and strong, fast bond. I always have the biggest grin on my face when I watch their first meeting and escape in the TIE Fighter, it's just such an infectiously joyous scene, and I love how well they work together right off the bat. Seeing how relieved they are back on D'Qar when they both find out the other is alive is also always a really awesome, happy scene. I really love the strong bond that they have, and how much it means to both of their characters.

5. Rey pulling the lightsaber from the snow

This scene is probably up in my top Star Wars scenes of all time for sure. I just really love it, and it makes me cry every time. It's such a defining moment for Rey's character, where she takes charge and it really changes her destiny. The swell of the Force theme and everything just make the moment, and then of course the ensuing fight with Kylo Ren in the snow is awesome. But man... nothing beats that first part where she pulls the lightsaber out of the snow. It's just incredible.

I definitely missed a lot, but there's just too much that I love about this movie, it makes it hard to choose. What are your favorite things about The Force Awakens?

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1 Comment

Melissa H
Melissa H
Jan 07, 2022

😍Awesome list! I agree 100% with your choices and reasons!

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