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Hair Timelines: Sabine Wren

Last time I wrote for Hair Timelines, we covered Saw Gerrera and charted his hair growth and haircuts over the years. This time, I get the exciting chance to chart Sabine Wren's wide variety of haircuts and colors across Rebels and Ahsoka.

5 BBY-4 BBY: Short Blue & Orange Hair

When we first met Sabine, she was sporting iconic hair with orange dyed ends and dark blue roots, with a breezy short haircut.

4 BBY-3BBY: Short Blue & Teal Hair

She still has her hair cut the same way when we get around to Rebels Season 2, but this time she's traded out the orange ends for a teal.

3 BBY: White & Purple Hair with an Undercut

In Season 3 of Rebels, Sabine cuts her hair differently. It's still short, especially with an even shorter undercut in the back, and a more lopsided look with hair much longer on one side than the other. Personally, one of my favorite Sabine hair looks. However, as someone who did white hair for a while, I know it is extremely high maintenance, and really commend her for keeping it up for so long.

3 BBY: Brown Hair with an Undercut

So here's where it gets interesting. In The Antilles Extraction, Sabine goes undercover and dyes her hair dark brown to meet Imperial standards. I assume she didn't use a permanent dye because she certainly wouldn't keep brown hair longer than she had to, but a simple wash-out wouldn't have given her as smooth a color as we see, and also would've been easily detectable. So she had to have use a semi-permanent dye, which don't always wash out as easily as you'd think, especially a dark brown like she had. So...

3 BBY-2BBY: White & Purple Hair with an Undercut

It makes it extra impressive that she was able to get such a brilliant white back so quickly, and especially to maintain it at the roots! I'll admit it- I am jealous.

2 BBY-1BBY: Brown & Purple Hair with an Undercut

But like I said earlier, white hair is very high maintenance if you're someone with dark hair. And, it is an absolute MENACE to your hair texture. And with how consistently toned it was and the fact that Sabine must have been doing constant root touch-ups, I just know that girl's hair was fried. So it makes sense that she'd give her hair a break for a little bit and let some virgin hair grow in. Not that she'd go all brown of course- she kept purple ends to still keep some Sabine flair.

9 ABY: Long Purple & Orange Hair

During Sabine's certified depression era where we pick her up at in the first episode of Ahsoka, she has let her hair grow long. But, that doesn't mean she isn't having fun with her hair colors. This time, the roots and down a ways are purple, while the ends are orange, and they meet in the middle.

9 ABY: Short Purple Hair

But Sabine is filled with a newfound determination to find Ezra when the opportunity presents itself, and gives herself my absolute favorite Sabine haircut- the short purple hair she sports in the Rebels epilogue and for most of Ahsoka. As she says to Ahsoka, the haircut is "more [her]."

Personally, I can't wait to see what she does with her hair next in Ahsoka Season 2. Though I don't know what the bleach and dye options are like our on Peridea... maybe there's a Noti Sally Beauty somewhere? Shin Hati will probably be looking for some bleach and toner there too.

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