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Sabine Wren and Personal Expression

When we got our first looks at this new show called Star Wars Rebels, I was immediately struck by Sabine Wren. Which I'm sure isn't a surprise to anybody. But she was just the coolest character I had ever seen! A Mandalorian explosives expert and artist who's trademark look was bountiful color, both on her own person, in her personal space and leaving traces of it everywhere she went. I was immediately taken by her, and as the show went on I only connected with her more and more, relating so much to her journey and her struggles.

Rebels Season 1 Sabine and her bedroom

Sabine inspires me in many ways, and I think we can all learn from Sabine about being unapologetic in expressing ourselves- it grows confidence, helps you find cool people, and is great practice in artistic abilities and developing ourselves creatively. Even if you don't think you have "artistic skills," we all have it within us, it's just about finding that creative inspiration and being brave enough to follow the spark.

One of the things I love most in the world is when I see a stranger clearly expressing themselves unapologetically, even when it's in ways that I don't understand. We need more of that in the world, and I love that we have a beacon of it in Star Wars through Sabine. Here are a few of the ways Sabine has inspired me personally to express myself and develop creatively, and why I think you should find that inspiration too- even if it doesn't look the same as me.

An obvious way she inspired me is to step into the wonderful world of dyeing your hair many colors- I've gone through the rainbow and beyond, though I find myself always returning to purple.

Purple hair (and Freddy)

But beyond that, inspired by Sabine I have grown a love and passion for customizing and creating things to express my personality and love for everything color and Star Wars. And it's something I recommend to everyone. Being creative and making things with your hands can be really fulfilling and cathartic in times of stress or sadness, and the feeling of finishing a project after working is one of the most satisfying out there.

Customizing and making my own things is something that really elevated making my room feel like my own. Finding things that you love and feel like fit you can be difficult (and expensive) when putting together a personal space, but my making things yourself you can really elevate that comfort- not to mention that you have reminders of your own skills and creativity everywhere you look.

I love Sabine's room in The Ghost, not just because I love that aesthetic (clearly, as seen in my own room) but also because of how much it reads as her. Even if you hadn't seen it before, anyone who knows Sabine could take one look at that room and recognize it as her space. I love that, and it's something I strive for in my own space.

But it doesn't just stop at Sabine's bedroom- her trademark look fits this too.

Anyone can look at Sabine's colorful armor and get a glimpse into her personality. And while no person can be fully read by their clothes, I think custom clothing is a great way for people to get a look into your creative mind and who you are. For me it comes in many forms- I have custom painted clothes, custom embroidered clothes, custom printed shirts, custom dyed pants and more, not all Sabine or even Star Wars inspired, but I love being able to express myself and my passions in ways you can't get from a store. Not to mention how good it feels when someone compliments what you're wearing, and you get to tell them that you're the one that made it, and how.

And it extends beyond clothes and room too- Sabine leaves a mark on everything, and I recommend that. Having unique things that feel like your own, things that you can be proud of and express what your passionate about is a wonderful way to find joy in small things.

My custom Sabine Wren Xbox Controller

And like I said earlier, making things your own helps you find cool people. When you have things that are unique, people often make a point to comment on them, especially if it represents something that they're also interested in. It's a great way to make a friend, beyond just the general satisfaction and joy that comes from stuff that feels like your own- whether that be a home, everyday objects, clothing, or even your car.

I know it's natural for a lot of people to be nervous about the art of creating. I often get afraid before starting a project that I'll mess it up, waste my money or have something that people think looks dumb. But ultimately, the process of creating things is the best part. As good as it feels to be able to show off what you make or have people compliment it, I always have the most fun while I'm stenciling, painting, embroidering, designing something online to send to the printer, or weeding the design from the Cricut. Even if you end up with something you're not entirely happy with, I guarantee that you learned something and developed some new skills, even if you don't feel like it.

I've learned so many new skills and techniques that always start with an idea like "oh, I bet it would be cool if I did this." You never know how it'll turn out until you at least try it- and trying is better than not doing anything at all. And sure, sometimes my emboridery could be tighter, or my paint lines could be cleaner, or any of the other nitpicks I always find with my own work (and we're always much more critical of our own work than other people are)- but now I have that cool, unique thing that no one else has, even if it's a little messy. And those mistakes are just the signs of it being made by a living, growing person, not a machine.

One of the greatest, most inspiring things about Sabine Wren is how she is unashamed in her creativity, and no one can force her back into a box. She will be who she is, and she will show off what she can do, and there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone who would make fun of you for trying, or think you're weird for expressing yourself and customizing the things you own is not worth your time. The people that are will see what you're doing and appreciate it. We could all be a little more Sabine Wren, and I think we all have it within us.

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